Characteristics of Chickens that are Ready to Fight

Characteristics of Chickens that are Ready to Fight

Characteristics of Chickens that are Ready to Fight – As a cock lover and cockfighting fan, bettors must know exactly how to win the match. The main thing that determines victory, of course, must be to test the physical and strength of the chicken itself first. Bettors must often train and provide special feed so that the quality of the chicken is maintained. In order to become a rooster, the chicken must be given special training that trains strength, stamina, breath, punch strength and agility. To accompany these exercises, of course, must be added with various consumption foods such as herbs, supplements and vitamins that are given regularly. That way the chicken will always be physically and mentally awake so that the chicken can fight against other chickens.

Well, on this good occasion the admin tries to give a little experience and certain techniques for bettors. The admin will tell you about the characteristics of ready-to-fight chickens and chickens that are not ready for combat. To find out the characteristics of the chicken is also fairly easy and not difficult for bettors. Therefore, bettors must read this article to the end so that bettors know how the characteristics of chickens are ready to be played with other chickens.

Texture And Skin Tone

As for how a good bangkok chicken is, bettors can see the texture and color of the chicken’s skin itself. If bettors see the condition of the skin on some parts of the body, face and legs look red, then the chicken is in good condition. The reddish skin becomes without the chicken, it is really healthy and ready to be fought with other chickens. Because the red skin is a sign of the body part that is flowing with the chicken’s blood running smoothly and without any problems. That way the chicken will look good and vice versa if the chicken looks pale then the chicken is in an impossible condition. Chickens with pale skin color and pale faces should be checked for condition and given vitamins so that they recover quickly.

Chicken Feather Color Section

To find out the next good chicken characteristic is to look at the color of the bangkok chicken feather. The color of the feathers of the chicken itself can be the specialty of the chicken itself and can be one of its toughness capital. Seeing the color of the chicken’s feathers itself can be a sign of how healthy and vital the rooster is. To find out how the condition of a healthy chicken, bettors can see the color of the chicken feathers that look shiny. The color of bangkok chicken feathers is good and healthy when exposed to sunlight, the feathers will shine or shine. And vice versa if the color of the chicken feathers is faded and does not look shiny, it can be ascertained that the chicken is in a bad condition.

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The Bangkok Chicken’s Behavior and Agility

Previously, bangkok chickens were in good condition, judging by their physical examination. And now by looking at how the behavior and agility of the bangkok chicken too. This is very easy to do, namely by providing opponents or other fighting chickens with bettors’ favorite chickens. Then bettors can bring bettors’ chickens closer to other fighting chickens and see how the bettors’ own chickens react. If the bettors are not afraid and instead want to hit the other fighting chickens, then the bettors’ condition and agility are in a very good condition.

Breath Length

This is a priority for all bangkok chickens wherever they are and this is an important and main thing. Chickens that have long breaths and don’t get tired easily, the chicken will definitely be the target of chicken lovers. If you already have a chicken with a long and long breath, bettors only need to make sure that the chicken is already in a tough state. Not only a long breath is needed, but the chicken must also be ready to fight and be trained to compete with other chickens.…